The Woman Behind The Scenes


The Woman Behind The Scenes

My husband asked me to share something with you, and I told him what he wants me to speak about, and he simply told me to speak from the heart, which is the same advice that I give to all.

Well…this is what I want to share with you, I’m the woman behind the scenes.

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In my family, in the school and the University, I always considered myself different by my way of thinking, and occasionally came to believe that I was wrong because it didn’t fit into some social groups. Then I had jobs, quit or they fire me.

My idea of being different became stronger until I decided to become an entrepreneur and then I realized that I was different because I was unemployable.

Later on, after many confrontations of opinion with my mother, family, and some friends, I found myself being comfortable as the leader of my own life. I began to read books of personal development, I started to write my feelings, started to separate from the “normal” way of thinking and started to loving myself the way I was. At that time, I opened my own business and it was my moment of truth.

My own day care, with 37 children from 2 months of age up to 5 years, was not only an enriching experience as an entrepreneur, but I understood the power of being my own boss. I also discovered my love for the kids and my desire to impact their educational process.

In 2000, I met a wonderful man that transformed my world, and loves me above all things, has given me a family, gave me the privilege of being a mother, and brought me into the land of opportunity: The United States of America, as a souvenir.

During the first years of marriage we worked in the Lending Industry. I was his Loan Processor, even do, I was always behind the scenes, but I was closing the deals ☺.

We had much success as a team, and although the market change, that situation invited us to look other options. At the same time, I became a mother, realizing that I wanted to be home with my kids, take care of and watch them grow.

My husband was before in Network Marketing and took the time to explain the benefits of this kind of business, and at the end of our conversation I was “IN”. That was another moment of truth, together again we decided to join forces, talents and be a team in the profession of Network Marketing.

I took it so seriously, that my family became my reasons why, my inspiration and my hot button to desired to follow this career.

The last several years we have developing teams. I respect and appreciate our profession because I believe in the power of residual income, and in the financial and social benefits offered by this business.

But I have to confess, that I’ve never been the expert in the compensation plan, or made business presentations, but I know together we are a great team. My husband relies on me and vice versa. We support each other, motivate us and he knows that I’m always behind the scenes supporting him and our business.

Thanks to Network Marketing I found two things in my life: Happiness and Freedom.

Happiness because we have a strong marriage and family; happiness because we live in harmony; happiness because I can be myself, happiness because I’m at home, with my children and my husband, we spend amazing family time, have breakfast together, travel together, do homeschooling, and live a life by design, in our terms, with the privilege to stay at home parents, that traditional jobs do not offer.

Freedom because thanks to Network Marketing, we have our own business, we develop our entrepreneurial mind, we have financial stability, we can wake up late, we can do things at different hours that normal and in general we have options do the things in our life that we like it and believe it.

Network marketing has become my platform because I belong to a social group of enterprising people, positive people, that not allows negativity, inspires me not only in business, but in the personal area, because I work daily to be a better person.

I like to connect with people that wants to change their world and connect with them in a personal level because we have a thinking in common: “Reach our dreams and goals.” Here, I compete with myself, I learn from everyone, because I know that in life always is someone better than you.

Network Marketing is my platform where I can help many people no matter the team which belong and where I feel gratification knowing the people on a human level more than a business.

I am convinced that Network Marketing is the arena to master our talents.

Vida Divina Atlanta Event

I invite you to fall in love with this profession because it is the only career I’ve known, where we can control what do we want to achieve, personal development is the key to success, readers became leaders, unity creates synergy to success, and my success depends on your success, if I don’t help you, I can’t find success, that’s what we called “Team Work”.

Also, here I’ve been able to fly and develop my imagination.

My opinion is that Network Marketing is created by people, made for the people and it is built by people:
1. Network Marketing, is created by people because the vision of any MLM company is developed by humans, who over time evolve and improve.
2. Network Marketing, is made for the people, for us to have better health, financial freedom and fulfill our personal goals.
3. Network Marketing, is built by people, thanks to the formation of teams, mutual support among all and everyone brings their own intelligence. And during the process the ones that grow in the business are those that stay around the fire, follow integrity and enjoy the ride in an atmosphere of mutual inspiration.

Network Marketing has been a blessing because I can be Luz-Angela. I can write my ideas, I can support people, the teams, and give a little love. Here, I feel happy; and when you enjoy what you do, happiness is possible!

I thank The Network Marketing Industry for this unique opportunity to be myself, to find another way to find happiness and I know that everything we are doing here, is going to positively transform the lives of many people around the world.

YES! I am the woman behind the scenes!

I’m here to transform my world, to connect with you and be an asset to you, maybe through social networks or simply to inspire you with the things that come out of my heart, because I’m a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend and the mompreneur behind the scenes, that wants to change the world little by little, so do you!

I invite you to be the leader of your life, have faith in our profession, understand the vision of your company and believe in yourself. With faith we can do anything!

I invite you to follow your heart, because love transforms everything, and builds legacies of peace and hope for you and your love ones.

I invite you to be yourself, to fight for your freedom, for your happiness; be the creator of your own destiny, because you, me, us, deserved a better life here in earth at this moment, today.

I invite you to reach your personal goals, don’t be afraid to show your talents, bring your own fire and stay humble no matter the level of your success; be like the lion after his pray, confident, wise and fast. Remember this: “True success works in silence, and your results are the noise.”

I invite you to work as a team player, with wisdom, with passion and at the same time with compassion. Master your talents, share them with us, with the world and find true success not only for a short period of time, but for a long time where you create your own legacy of a Life By Design!

Together we can make history…. Together we can achieve “Victory.”


Luz-Angela Rodriguez, The Rod Band!

The woman behind the scenes!

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