TraVerus Global Announces NEW Sr. Vice President – Global Sales


TraVerus Global Announces NEW Sr. Vice President – Global Sales

“When you follow your values and you “Raise the Standards” in your life, you receive the blessings destined for you. Very proud of you Big Al Rodriguez” ~Luz-Angela Rodriguez

Coach Al Rod TraVerus Global

TraVerus Global Announces NEW Sr. Vice President – Global Sales Al Rodriguez

Steps Into His New Global Leadership Role With Gusto!

Allen, Texas – TraVerus Global, Inc., officially announced at the 2017 National Leadership Conference in Las Vegas their global expansion strategy, new product lines and a key leader for global field growth.

Al Rodriguez, a successful 20-year veteran of the direct-selling industry, was welcomed as the Sr. Vice President – Global Sales for TraVerus Global, the parent company of Paycation Travel, Xstream Travel and Xstream Holidays.

Mr. Rodriguez has tremendous traditional business and direct sales experience, which includes serving as CEO of a multiple-office mortgage banking company and real estate offices where he led, trained, and coached hundreds of business professionals, as well as overseeing all operations.

“Al Rodriguez was our clear first choice to bring on board as Sr. Vice President – Global Sales,” says Larry Cantrell, TraVerus Global President. “His knowledge and experience coupled with his passion for the field, as well as his international influence and training skills, are key additions to our team and will help us to accelerate our global mission.”

After experiencing early success when he entered direct sales, Mr. Rodriguez went on to build and grow teams into the USA, Mexico, and Costa Rica. While participating in a successful launch in Latin America, he was inspired to raise his skills even higher, building teams of thousands of people with a mission and vision of “Living a Life by Design.” He and his wife, Luz-Angela Rodriguez, continue to teach and train on this concept, impacting thousands of lives around the world.

Mr. Rodriguez became known for his ability to simplify the complex, making business-building systems easier for people to learn and implement, no matter their experience level. He has served as a top leader, master distributor, VP of Sales and corporate consultant for direct sales companies.

He now brings his extensive experience and talent to TraVerus Global as Sr. Vice President – Global Sales. The company has entrusted him to help the field learn, grow and prosper. Mr. Rodriguez can be contacted via the TraVerus Global corporate offices or on social media at

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