The Call To Destiny


The Call To Destiny

The Call To Destiny

Coach Al Rod Al Rodriguez was recently interviewed on radio (“SOMETHING TO CHEW ON“) and asked to speak on the topic of DESTINY.

In this interview, Coach Al Rod provides great insight, talks about life, football and “coaches you” to fulfilling your God Given Destiny.

  • Destiny and how to find it and fulfill
  • How to Step Up your game in all areas of life
  • Football, life and what it means to you
  • What to do first and what to do next
  • First Downs, Touchdowns and your destiny
  • What stirs your passion?
  • What is Vision?
  • Learn to say NO and learn when to say YES
  • Don’t do anything drastic – Think adjustment
  • What thoughts and dreams are impossible to put out of your mind and what’s God trying to tell you?

Listen to the recording HERE!


Coach Al Rod, are focused in teach you how to¬†become the leader you’re destined to be in all areas of life. His “football wisdom” translates to living your BEST life in all areas of life… Living your greatness today in your personal and or business areas!

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