My Mompreneur Life!


My Mompreneur Life!

Real story…

????Many people ask me what do I do for a living, if I get bored to be home all the time and if my children go to school?????

This is my answer…

I’m a mompreneur, who has the privilege to work from home and spend tons of time with my children and husband.

This is my typical day…

I don’t have an alarm clock, I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with my family every day, have deep conversations about life, our family and business, too. Three times a week, I go to ????❤️Zumba class, after my happy hour, that’s what we call with our Zumba friends; then I come back and continue to homeschool my children.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, we go out for a lunch, dinner or travel any time we want, without asking for permission.

In the middle of homeschool breaks, I do business, such as contacting prospects, training, planning presentations, and support my business partners.

We finish homeschool  around 3 PM and have time to do for chores, more time with my family and for business as well.

My home is impecable, organized and my family has all their needs covered. I’ve not missed when my children grew their first tooth, took their first step, swam for the first time, and have celebrated all their 12 birthdays, also we travel together, too????.

My life is fulfilling, rewarding, peaceful, happy and a blessed one.

Not very common, but my husband is with me all the time, he makes my coffee every morning, helps me with breakfast, some chores ????, and we enjoy profound conversations, which has served in my growth as a person, business woman, and he supports all my dreams.

Yes! I’m home all the time and it’s a privilege for me to be a mompreneur; the woman who contributes financially and emotionally for my family; the woman who decided to break the pattern of being away from home working 9 to 5 and leaving her children in the care of others.

Yes I’m a mompreneur!

My mompreneur life is truly active! I enjoy daily meals with my family, we travel together, we are having fun at home while my children growth in a healthy environment with quality education, love and care and my reward… let me tell you: two beautiful, smart, kind and High Honor Roll Students! 

My mompreneur life has empower my life over the years. Not only because promotes my personal development, but inspire my entrepreneurial mind, ignites my human values rising above any social standard in life to achieve the impossible and create my happy life.

I believe the strength of our families and the legacy for our children, lies in correct habits, unified families and TIME with our loved ones. This is key????️, while still fulfilling your own personal goals as a woman, wife and mompreneur.

I invite any women to contact me as I’m seeking to partner with a few like-minded individuals that truly want time and money freedom and I’ll show you how to do it.