Essentialism… Less but better!


Essentialism… Less but better!

Lots of messages on my thoughts of the book I mentioned today “Essentialism”, when interviewed on MLM Nation.

The book, ESSENTIALISM… is a big Aha! for those who are inspired and motivated to proactively enjoy life focusing in the things that truly matter without risking their financial stability.   (Find your copy HERE)

Those who know us, understand we’ve been critical of guru’s that… Preach the Dream and Freedom and yet are Living the Nightmare!

Their illogical way to work non-stop year after year in this business has never been consistent with what #TheRodBand does. We work hard but mostly we work smart.

In fact, Luz-Angela wrote a manuscript a few years ago about, The Beauty of a Simple Life. It focuses on the things that really matter in life, family, fun and love and work is a cog in that wheel and not the other way around.

You can certainly earn a good to great income working “all the time” but you’re killing yourself, killing your marriage, relationships, health, time with your family, missed moments and more OR you can simply prioritize and follow a better path.

Note: Careful who you follow and who you model as you may get what you ask for…

Focus on the few “essential” things that are truly important to you.

When building a business focus on high payoff activities, on focused bursts of energy and chunks of time that get great results as well as use tools, resources and systems to create leverage HERE

In fact, enjoy your business journey, do things that align with your soul and spirit, have fun along the way and make it enjoyable ☺

… AND smile more, laugh more , love more and you’ll live more!

Coach Al Rod

#Essentialism #BeautyOfASimpleLife

PS: We’ve built BIG teams of people in 20+ countries, 90% of it has been done online and we’re ready to teach you EXACTLY how we do it!