How to avoid a job and be happy the rest of your life…


How to avoid a job and be happy the rest of your life…

This blog post title piqued your curiosity, may have upset you a little but hopefully will excite you about what’s possible for your life.

Yes, we’re full-time, professional marketers!

First of all, let me tell you what I am NOT saying: I’m not saying all jobs are bad, (sort of…)

I’m not saying that a job isn’t required at times and I actually find them necessary to fund someone’s life UNTIL they can generate enough income to break free…. aka: The Freedom Plan

What I AM saying is that without the confines of a job, you can live a happier life in my opinion. If you love your job, earn the income you need to in order to live life on your terms; then I cheer you on.

However, study after study after study indicate that, the overwhelming majority of employees, (upwards of 86%) feel dissatisfaction in their jobs.

This may be due to living and waking up by to alarm clock each morning, even though you may not be done sleeping and/or having to drag yourself out of bed because your job requires you begin work at a specific time. The lack of satisfaction can come from fighting traffic or long commutes to and from work day after day… for, forever.

Some may not like their boss, (or the boss doesn’t like them) and feel they’re just not creating enough progress and almost always we feel we’re undervalued and underpaid.

This final comment is actually not surprising and a job is built in a way to buy your time “wholesale” by your employer as they sell it “retail” and keep those profits. It is by design…

Of course, there could be other reasons for the stress and dissatisfaction; like living in a cubicle all day, dealing with negative people that you’re required to be around, having to ask permission for time off and for vacations, etc.

Having said all of this…keep your job until such time your business creates the needed profits to make the decision to leave and set yourself free.

I don’t think Online and Network Marketing are perfect… both options for us, are just a better way. I find that most people have an erroneous and mistaken idea of how and why it works; including those already in a network marketing company or working on different online opportunities, BECAUSE being a professional marketer, means to work in different business ventures to create different income streams.

It’s NOT about hype and it’s not a lottery ticket.

It’s NOT about something for nothing or getting in at the right time.

It’s not about hyping the latest scientific breakthrough of your company’s magical and miracle product; amateurs do that.

It is about generating a “network” and volume flow of products sold and consumed via customers and affiliates… that’s it. Network Marketing offers the masses a shot at additional income with very little financial risk.

In our case, we live in Houston and vacation often. In fact, we recently returned from a family adventure on the beaches of the beautiful Mayan Riviera, where we lived for several months!

My wife and I are both, stay at home parents to our young twins, whom we home school. We never worry if it’s a Monday, Friday or a Saturday as we live a life by design; something we teach in our FREEDOM PLAN.

We understand the fundamentals of this profession very well; we apply them, teach them and it allows us to travel often, enjoy lots of family time, meet great people and earn a “now income” and “residual income” with no need for a job or geographical restrictions.

We’re a Stay-At-Home parents to our young twins!

You don’t even have to be in love with the idea of Network Marketing; at least not yet but you should be in love with pursuing what YOU want in life, to live life on your terms and what we call… Living A Life by Design!

Coach Al Rod, Professional Marketer

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