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We’re Al and Luz-Angela and we want to welcome you to our website!

We have young twins that we home school, we love to have fun, travel as well as inspire and coach others to success in business.

We met many years ago on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend in the South American country of Colombia, (Luz-Angela’s home country) and it was love at first sight!

Our keys to success are great communication, respect, smiling, laughing, having fun and staying in “honeymoon mode” after all these years. We’re also on the “same page” when it comes to our spiritual journey, family and living life on our terms while contributing and helping others in the business world.

Some fun things for us are vacationing often, spending time with our children, reading and simply enjoying and appreciating our day to day experiences without having to wait for the weekend to live life.

Living and Teaching a Life by Design!

Al & Luz-Angela Rodriguez

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Team building, empowering others, coaching people to success with our Freedom Plan, while living a Life by Design!

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  • You’ll learn how to escape the stress and worry of everyday life, while working with people that are like-minded and successful.
  • You’ll have the ability to live and work anywhere you want.
  • You’ll be able to spend real quality time with your family… instead of constantly being stressed and on the run!
  • You’ll get to take vacations whenever and wherever you want!
  • You’ll be able to look back on your life with a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment; instead of waiting and hoping on “some-day”.

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Coach AlRod

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  • Aprenderás cómo escapar del estrés y las preocupaciones de la vida cotidiana , mientras trabajas y disfrutas con personas de mente positiva y exitosa.
  • Tienes la posibilidad de vivir y trabajar en cualquier lugar del mundo.
  • Podrás tener calidad de tiempo con la familia, y promover un trabajo divertido y lleno de oportunidades
  • Tendrás el gusto de tomar vacaciones cuando y donde quieras!
  • Podrás evaluar tu vida con un profundo sentido de satisfacción, logro diario y constante; incluyendo en tu lenguaje “lo logre!”

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Coach AlRod
Mi hermano, for the goodness of God that is in you, I bless, I bless, I bless you. I am happy and grateful that by divine power we got connected through Facebook. For all these years, you unknowingly have been my mentor, coach and big brother.I admire you greatly and always look forward to learning […]
FJ Ortega, Internet Marketing Entrepreneur
Al is a dedicated professional whose main efforts is to help those who want to change their lives and go into a more positive direction. He is a true leader with all of the value he brings with a genuine heart.
Sherman Smith, Network Marketing Entrepreneur
I am honored to recommend Al. If you need help with any facet of Network Marketing, Al is one of the top guys around. Take a look at Al’s followers. Not just the number, but WHO they are. That will tell you all you need to know. Get to know Al.
Leon Brown, Independent Distributor at Send Out Cards
Al is a very articulate Network Marketer who knows how to built teams and built relationships. If you are looking for someone who produce results AL is your man. He has over 20 plus years as an entrepreneur beginning with coaching and recruiting real estate and mortgage professionals (and owner of multiple mortgage offices and […]
Andre Wiggs, Global Internet Marketer
Al is obviously experienced in network marketing and marketing in general. He understands what it takes to make network marketing work!
Cami Lopez, Marketing Manager at
Al Rodriguez is a great network marketer. He has a great experience in this field, and he is an outstanding leader and trainer. I highly recommend Al as coach, mentor and business partner to grow any business. His outcome is none other than success.
Lina Lopez, Affiate Manager, MLM Specialist
I have been very impressed with his level of dedication and focus. Al is extremely personable, friendly. and always looks for ways to improve. he is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious.I would recommend him for any role he chose to pursue.
Gerald Munn, Independant Business Owner, ACN
I recommend Al for all your connection needs, if want to know someone Al can connect you.
Robert Quesada, Counselor / Case Manager
Al is a wonderful Business partner, hardworking and Trustworthy, Thumbs up!
Martin Chege, Internet Marketer at Keanpi Solutions
Al is a pro-active professional who is able to connect with people on their level. His skill is to take people out of their comfort zone in order to reach goals that they had not thought possible before.
Peter Pocklington, Entrepreneur and Business Owner Builder
I have worked with Al throughout the years and he is a very professional person to know and to do business with. I highly recommend him.
Lynda Unger, AT&T National Retail Field Rep
Al has always struck me as a hard working, conscientious, friendly and strong leader, who is more concerned for others, than for himself. His acumen for business if obvious in his day to day interaction with others.
Alicia Blickfeldt, Market Expansion in Energy, Telecom and Essential Home & Business Services
(CoachAlRod), is truly one with a servant mentality. I have had the privilege of working with Al. His amazing leadership and team building skills are beneficial to anyone in the work at home industry. He blazes trails and burns all rubbish, creating action items to keep people energized. Al puts people in a place of […]
Gerry Schroeder, Owner - Second Income Coach


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“Have fun, smile more, laugh more, love more and make a positive impact on others! This leads to a happy and fulfilling life.”
~ Al & Luz-Angela Rodriguez, The Rod Band
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We’re real people and glad to connect with you, if you’re ready to take action towards living a Life by Design!

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